Team leadership and collective know-how

1. Build your project by engaging your team

Pléiades assists management teams in the development of their collective project.


  • To help the management team move forward on its strategic and operational agenda while improving its collective performance.
  • Engage in managerial action, leverage in teams, and prepare for change

More broadly, we address any group of leaders in a situation of piloting an organization: program/project management, boards (international), board of directors, office (associations).

2. Build your project and mobilize your team

Our job

Each intervention proceeds from an original and unique approach, the modalities depending on the objectives, and the definition of these objectives being an integral part of the approach. This activity can thus take the following forms:

  • Annual management team seminar to strengthen collective performance as part of the operational implementation of the strategic vision.
  • Accompaniment of a team faced with a change of organization, a transformation, a merger or a specific difficulty
  • Co-development approach within the framework of the rise of a profession or a population within the organization
  • Inter-team support (within or between companies) in order to strengthen cooperation between several entities in the context of the development or implementation of a high-stake project

This type of approach is generally preceded by a preliminary phase of individual interviews allowing to elaborate a diagnosis and to approach jointly the individual and collective dimensions at work.

3. Develop the talents of your teams

To meet your specific strategic challenges, Pléiades also supports the development of your employees’ know-how.
Whether it is a question of leadership development, acquisition of know-how and know-how in relation to cooperation or managerial training, our team is involved in design, engineering and animation.

4. To accompany you in your responsibility as a manager

Whether you have recently taken up a new position, are going through a change of direction, the complexity of your environment, high exposure or any other context requiring you to take a step back, Pléiades responds to your challenges with individual coaching.
We address the manager and/or members of his or her team.
Our individual coaching takes place in accordance with an explicit code of ethics, including formalized objectives, strict confidentiality and the free mutual choice of the coach and the coachee.
Our coaches are certified and benefit from continuous supervision.